Abuse Warning


Dear valued Client,

We would like to inform you that it is your responsibility to always keep your username(s) and password(s) confidential and ensure that third parties do not obtain access to your trading account. We will not be liable for any transactions and/or contracts executed by a third party in your trading account if you have willfully or accidentally provided such third party with your login credentials. If you know or suspect that someone has used or is using your registration information, username or password to access any service without your authorization, you should notify our Client Support immediately.

Moreover, please be aware that it has recently come to our attention that various scam companies contact our clients misleadingly and falsely claiming that either:
a) they are part of our Group, or
b) they are our business partners or in any other ways affiliated with us, or
c) clone companies, trying to use our company information, licenses etc. with another brand name or changing any important contact information in order to obtain any client or personal information;
d) they claim to be regulated by Fictitious Regulators, or
e) they claim to be regulated but are not,
with the purpose of luring our clients into starting a business relationship and/or depositing money and/or trying to obtain valuable sensitive information of clients in order to hack their accounts or otherwise harm them.
Please be warned that scammers do not always have to be companies, but can also be individuals presenting themselves as part of our operations.

We kindly request you to be particularly careful if any company or individual contacts you and claims any of the above. For your protection, please see below a non-exclusive list of scam companies and individuals and their websites that you should avoid:

Facebook Channel

Legacy Signals
LegacyFX Signals
LegacyFX Broker
Signals LegacyFX
Peter Walker

Telegram Channel

@LegacyFree forex Signal

WhatsApp Channel

LegacyFX Free Signals
LegacyFree forex Signals
Legacy Free Signals



We would like to underline that LegacyFX Markets has no affiliation whatsoever with the above mentioned companies and individuals. Please be advised that LegacyFX Markets has the exclusive intellectual property rights on the layout and content of the website LegacyFX.com as well as swissmarkets.com as well as the trademarks, logos and icons used on the website and it will undertake all appropriate steps to protect its trademark and general intellectual rights.

Official warnings against companies and individuals can be found for example on the following links provided by various regulators:

CySEC: https://www.cysec.gov.cy/en-GB/public-info/warnings/cysec/
FCA: https://www.fca.org.uk/scamsmart/warning-list
BaFin: https://www.bafin.de/DE/Verbraucher/Aktuelles/verbraucher_node.html
IOSCO: https://www.iosco.org/investor_protection/?subsection=investor_alerts_portal
SEC: https://www.sec.gov/enforce/pause-impersonators

In case of any doubt, please feel free to contact us at support@Legacyfx.com or any other means of contact as listed on our website www.Legacyfx.com.

We will be grateful for any information about misuse or attempt of misuse of our brand names, websites, licences or services and will take any appropriate steps to protect our clients and our business.

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